Visit us at Cuenca.

Hotel Victoria is located in the middle of Calle Larga and also in the middle of Barranco: you’ll have the stream of the river at your feet and the concurrence of our Historical Center just some steps away.
But Hotel Victoria’s charm is also inside: from our imposing brick and marble facade to our decorations, cuencana the whole of it, disposed at every room. That way, we offer and experience that matches the city that hosts us: full of centennial distinction and delights, but where you’ll always feel as it being at home.


Excellence at the kitchen.

Our restaurant, El Jardín, has delighted most strict palates for 35 years, and has become one of Cuenca’s gastronomy landmarks. Our carte holds local, national and international recipes, and you’ll find the same quality at our fritada, our prawns or at our cordon bleu. Furthermore, we also offer several soups, salads, entrées and desserts.
Get to know it.

Our hotel is the ideal headquarters for your journey through Cuenca, declared as a Humanity Cultural Heritage city by UNESCO and a latin american treasure since 500 years ago. But what is it that makes it so special? Find it out here.

El Barril is an intimate venue where you can take a break, talk comfortably and close a perfect day. Our most-complete wine and liquor menus, combined with our bartender’s skill, assure you’ll find the precise drink for the occasion.

Enjoy the quality of our fine pastry at Calle Larga, next to Hotel’s entrance. At Mishquis we also offer pickles, preserves and marmalades: we plant, haverst and prepare every ingredient ourselves. Get to know more here.