Our Historical Center, selected by UNESCO as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity, will have shown its traits before you even enter our hotel. Its tiled streets, colonial balconies and vibrant squares are a venue for travelers from the whole planet, and are also home of our fellow cuencanos, whose hospitality makes us proud.

You don’t have to take more than a few steps at our Hotel and you’ll find yourself in the hustle of Calle Larga, which was part of Inca’s Road and that leads to Pumapungo ruins. 500 years ago, Pumapungo was the second city of the Incan Empire and the cradle of Huayna Cápac, one of its most important emperors. Today, it holds the Banco Central Museum, one of the most outstanding in the country.

calle larga (typical street)

If you prefer to walk the other way around, you’ll get to Central Park. There are two magnificent cathedrals there. The latter one is Cuenca’s symbol, one of the greatest temples in Latin America: a colossal structure of roman, gothic and renaissance traits. Its marble was brought from Italy, and 200 years later, it is still under construction.


Yet it certainly isn’t our only church: there are 23 more in our city alone, and each holds its own peculiarity. Go across El Carmen and awe at our flower market; take an artisan beer next to San Sebastián or look at the altar’s details at El Sagrario. Handcrafted mosaics, intimate oil paintings, gold-bathed offerings: a brief trail brings dozens of religious images you won’t forget. Meanwhile, our Historical Center is home to plenty of different cultures, and while you travel across our streets, filled with french, spanish and republican architecture, you’ll also be constantly astonished by sensations: the smell of gastronomy from all around the world, the sights of detailed handcrafts; the touch of textiles whose technique bears several centuries’ heritage.

Ecuador-William 2011 302

Cross our lower door and the vision will change completely. This time, the main character is the Tomebamba River, with its hypnotic swings and its perpetual stream. Travel through the shore’s green hue, sheltered by laurels and willows, with marvel at the flow centimeters away. You’ll then see why this bricked hamlet has inspired hundreds of artists since its foundation.


Are you in the mood for observing their doings? You can start at CIDAP Museum, next to our garden, that holds an impressive latin-american popular art collection. Or make your way to the Modern Art Museum, which hosts one of the world’s most important art Biennials. At Conceptas you’ll find colonial religious art, and at Aboriginal Cultures’, objects from thousands of years before that. At Hat’s Museum you’ll get to see the process of one or our landmark clothes; at Remigio Crespo, you’ll get a glimpse of our cañari past. A few kilometers away, for the animal lovers, Amaru Zoo holds lions, turtles and macaws.


And even that is not the whole story: Cuenca has been named “Ecuadorian Athens” for something. Every night you’ll find some new event: a function at a theater, a symphonic concert, the opening of some painting exhibition. Underneath the facade of a tranquil city there are very active cultural movements. You’re more than invited to join them in.

Cuenca also benefits from the glorious ecuadorian geography: wherever you go, you’ll have The Andes guarding your steps. And if you decide for a longer excursion, we invite you to discover El Cajas National Park, which holds 200 lakes and lagoons, paper-tree woods and fishing stations. Sights are always impressive, but they’re also the perfect place to slow down and reconnect with nature and with yourself.


And then, there’s also Ingapirca, Ecuadorian’s most important archaeological complex, our own little Machu Picchu. We operate Posada Ingapirca, some few meters away, so you can rest assured that it will hold our same comfort, service and gastronomy standards.

This is just a summary: Cuenca prefers to reveal its charms at its own pace. It can be through some firewood bread, a liquor glass at a warmer night or through an unforgettable conversation at the river’s shore. You’ll probably leave with the same impression of all those travelers that have came through the centuries: this city is a poem. Stay at our Hotel and assure yourself an experience you won’t forget.