Hotel Victoria is nestled between the hustle of Calle Larga and the serenity of Barranco: you’ll have the stream of Tomebamba River at your feet and the marvels of our historical center just some steps away.
However, Hotel Victoria’s charms are also inside: we have taken care of every detail on every lounge, room and passageway. Just as with our city’s rich history, at our hotel you’ll find objects from several different ages and cultures. They could be french decor, spanish ornaments, cañari sculptures and local paintings: they all co-exist in harmony. We want to celebrate our city and we invite you to take part of the celebration.

We have worked for years in order to comply with the highest service standards. Our goal is to bring you absolute comfort. Our personnel is bilingual, and will happily solve any doubt or inconvenient that occurs in or out of our hotel. Every room has been prepared and decorated with particular care, and none is equal to any other. They don’t only bring luxurious furniture and furnishings within themselves, but also offer privileged sights to our city.



Furthermore, our hotel has plenty of lounges where you can talk with your companions, enjoy reads from across the world and heat up next to our chimney. At the lower story operates El Jardín, our restaurant, that has delighted guests for 35 years and that has been qualified as one of Cuenca’s best gourmet restaurants. If you’re looking for something more intimate, our bar, El Barril, is next to it, and offers most-complete wine and spirit menus.

Stay with us and we can assure you an unforgettable trip. Hotel Victoria will prove to be the ideal headquarter for your journey through one of Latin American’s most beautiful cities. We offer an experience that matches our host city: full of delights, with centennial distinction; but where you’ll always feel as it being at home.